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Growing up in places as diverse as Kenya, California, Nigeria, and Honduras, Alex and Ian began photography and videography early in life, mostly as a complement to their efforts as naturalists and researchers.  Over time, this fascination with documenting nature’s complexities morphed into fully-fledged academic and professional careers dedicated to protecting, restoring, and sustainably managing the natural world.  


They each pursued undergraduate degrees in the natural sciences from Stanford University, conducting research together in the jungles of South America and Southeast Asia.  Alex has since gone on to work for a number of nonprofit organizations as well as pursuing an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business.  He currently works in the field of “impact investing” focused on sustainable seafood investing.  Ian carried on to complete a Masters of Environmental Management at Duke University and is currently studying salt marsh restoration in coastal North Carolina as well as invasive seagrasses in the Caribbean and coral reef restoration in the Pacific.  


Despite working in markedly different sectors, with Alex on Wall St and Ian on Mudflat Ave, they remain united in their passion for photography and common goal of protecting the natural ecosystems that shaped them.